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The amount of Russian oil pumped into Europe rose by 14% between January and April, from 750,000 to 857,000 barrels per day
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Too many of us are willing to wait for the next world and are not willing to expend the energy necessary to make this world a decent place in which to live. Rediscover the remarkable Sadie Alexander, the first African-American to get a PhD in economics
I think a reassessment is in order, but we need to avoid learning the wrong lessons, overly correcting, and failing to appreciate the significance of context. Theres also a tendency to reach for self-validating answers rather than ask the hard questions.
️ Boris Johnson, Britains prime minister, faces a vote of no-confidence in the coming hours. ️ At least 54 Conservative MPs submitted secret letters to trigger the vote. ️ Whether he can prevail is uncertain. Stay up to date on todays news 👇
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