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The Netflix show is reported to have an eye-watering budget of some $15m per episode, exceeding even the estimated figures for The Crown ($13m)
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Although the United States is not treaty-bound to defend Taiwan, our story from last year warned that a Chinese assault would be a test of Americas military might and its diplomatic and political resolve
️ Nancy Pelosi meets Taiwans president and reaffirms American solidarity. ️ The first grain shipment to leave Ukraine since the war began reaches Turkey. ️ Kansas chooses to keep the right to abortion in the states constitution after referendum. Catch up on todays news
️ Nancy Pelosi is expected to arrive in Taiwan today. ️ Ayman al-Zawahiri, leader of al-Qaeda, was killed by American drone strike, Joe Biden confirms. ️ BPs profits soar as the energy giant benefits from rising commodity prices. Catch up on todays news
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